My mom, Kirstin, and I(Emma) began this adventure of breeding Persians cats in 
September of 2010. We live in a small town in Southern Vermont. I am a full time law student at UNH Law School in Concord NH,  and my mom stays home full time with our kitties. Our focus is on raising healthy, happy kittens, to show standard and showing our beautiful Persians. All of our cats are DNA PKD tested negative, and FELV/FIV negative. We have occasional litters that are bred to improve the Persian breed. We do not breed our cats to just have kittens, our goal is to create breed standard Persians to show. Our females are not over bred, and we only breed when we feel they are physically and mentally ready to take care of their babies. Health is our main concern and we strive for healthy and happy cats.

 It is very important to us that all of our cats get special attention so we try to keep our numbers down, while also striving to have a successful breeding/showing program. They are part of our family and are treated as such. Our babies are raised in our home playing under our feet and sleeping on our beds. We  do not sell to large caging catteries, as we feel that is not the best place for any cat to be. 

We specialize in solid white and tabby bicolor Persians. We are not a 'van' breeder, we enjoy the colors on our bicolors!

We took great time and research to find this quality in the hopes to produce our own 'Central Park' look of perfection! We work with only a few other catteries to maximize health. Our goal is to create a kitten that is not only as close to perfection in type but has a show stopping memorable expression. A beautiful face on our Persians is something we will not compromise. Huge eyes, no ears and a tiny little nose is a must! 

Showing is a beauty contest!

 We hope to share our beautiful Persians with wonderful new owners! When you adopt a Central Park baby be prepared to join our extended family! Our babies are part of the family from the time they are born and that doesn't change even when they leave our home!  You will  get a full packet of kitten instructions that will answer  questions you may have about your baby.

About Us

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Central Park Persians

A CFA Cattery of Distinction

GC Central Park's Hey Big Spender "Trig" was the first baby born here at Central Park. He is now the foundation of our breeding program, and is where we get our memorable expression!