Central Park Persians

A CFA Cattery of Distinction

GC Teddydiamond Pink Lady of Central Park "Laney"

Laney is a homozygous Exotic SH, we should be expecting a litter from her this spring. Due to her being homozygous all of her babies should be shorthaired Exotics! If you are interested in an Exotic from "Laney" please email us for more info!


Laney is our little shorthair Spanish girl! Over the summer Emma flew to Spain to hand pick her up and meet her breeder Mario in person! During the past months we have had fun showing her and enjoyed the luxuries of the "lazy mans Persian"! Thank you Mario for allowing us the opportunity to have such a cute spunky little girl! 

We are pleased to share that we have welcomed a new family member...of the shorthair variety!